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simple akong tao
simple lang ang mga pangarap ko sa buhay
sbi ng iba kahit daw may kalokohan ako sa buhay
mahal pa rin ako ng diyos
bibihira akong magalit ang sign lang para malaman mo kung galit ako eh kapag umiyak ako at hindi na nagsalita
galit ako sa backfighters
ayoko sa tao ung hihingi ng advise tapos kapag hindi maganda ung narinig mag-iinarte kayo
hindi kase ako plastic
basta un ung nakikita ko at kailangan mo ng payo maririnig mo iyon sa akin
mapagmahal ako sa mga taong mahal ako
kung akala mo di ko alam na may gingawa ka sa akin sorry
hindi lang ako nagpapahalata...
okay thank you

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012
The New ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Family quoted me a chain smoker but never consider myself
one. I’m an “occasional smoker”, for 8 years quitting has been an
option, I can wake up one day and will stop for a month or two but if
stress kicks in, another pack of cigarette is on its way. It took me 2
years before I finally call it quits, it wasn’t that hard as what everyone
thought it was and as a matter of fact it is more of a relief. I will wake
up more energized and can walk an extra mile without catching my
breath than it was from 8 years ago.

Quitting smoking saves me big time. Money wise, I have extra to
spend on my other needs. Health Wise, it is easier to exercise without
any issue of coughing and wheezing.

After I quit smoking less than 10 months ago, I was able to save
money and a take vacation (that didn’t happen for last 6 years) and I
lost 60 pounds and counting.

It might not be easy as you go through the process but one thing is
for sure, if you Take One Step at a Time you’ll be able to reach your

troubled mind of im-inlove Posted at around 10:45 pm
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Wednesday, October 08, 2008
Happy Me!!

so many things happen in my life lately.. sometimes you cant predict the future but right now im happy and i know im blessed with a lot of things that is coming.. this point in time im starting my october month with a new team... yehey.. im now a part of Human Resources team.

troubled mind of im-inlove Posted at around 04:19 pm
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Friday, June 20, 2008
slamat steel

galit nga siguro ako sa mundo at sa mga nangyayari.. but thats life mahal ko ang pamilya ko kaya lahat gagawin ko para sa kanila.. at the same time tama si kuya steel.. maganda ako... tapos!!!

troubled mind of im-inlove Posted at around 07:36 pm
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